Centaurs Lacrosse Club


The club was founded by Jill McInnes and a group of lacrosse enthusiasts in the mid eighties who were friends with Centaurs Rugby Club in Osterley, London. Unfortunately this ground is now derelict but Centaurs Lacrosse Club lives on! We are now very lucky to be based at The Lady Eleanor Holles School in Hampton and enjoy superb pitches and fabulous training facilities in the school gym. Throughout the clubs history we have enjoyed the expertise of many international players. However, we have a well-rounded and diverse squad that allows us to field a team to be reckoned with, even during international training weekends when other clubs may struggle. We encourage school players to join us, both for training and matches and although at first taking that step up to a more competitive level of lacrosse can be daunting it always proves to be enjoyable and invaluable to a players development. We hope to see many of you back this season alongside some fresh Centaurs faces.