Senior Players

I love lacrosse and I love Centaurs. I joined Centaurs after the birth of my 2nd child in 2010 after being a member of Berkshire Wanderers (now Newbury) since leaving school. I chose Centaurs mainly because of the people. Not only are we a very organised, competitive and successful club but we are a friendly club and I’ve made some great friends. We are a team. Centaurs is welcoming and great for talented juniors looking to develop their skills, those at university and adult players who want to continue playing at the highest level. I hear the training is great too (I don’t make it as juggling my 2 children, dog, house, job and husband it’s just too much!). My personal highlight of playing for Centaurs is the total enjoyment that comes with playing high level lacrosse each week with some great people. Okay, the winning is also fun and we’ve been winning lots, including an unbeaten season in the league last year!

-Lena Kirton

I joined Centaurs as a 14-year-old school girl looking for some extra practice and competition that could push me beyond school level lacrosse. Ten years later and I still enjoy every minute on the pitch with this club! When I joined as a young player, having the opportunity to play with and learn from the older club members was invaluable. My understanding of the game and tactical awareness improved quickly, and I learnt to hold my own with the more physical style of club lacrosse which was very helpful before progressing to the senior age group and then university. While at university I played as many Centaurs games as I could around term time and loved being able to come back and play more regularly once I finished university.

As well as matches, the weekly Centaurs training sessions are always good fun, and great for improving stick skills and fitness. Playing for Centaurs was hugely responsible for my growth as a player and undoubtedly helped me achieve international representation. It has always been where I play my best and most enjoyable lacrosse – we have a lot of fun on the pitch and I know I have teammates and friends for life. My personal highlight was winning the 2018 National Club Championships Final – we were all playing for each other and the end result was awesome!

-Sophie Morrill

Returning Players

I have been a committed member Centaurs lacrosse club member for 5 years now. I chose to play at Centaurs from a very young age because I wanted the opportunity to play with players with a lot more experience than myself, make new friends and just play more lacrosse! Joining was definitely a great decision and I have had some fantastic experiences with the club. A highlight for me must undoubtedly be the 2017 European Championships in Ghent – a silver medal which we hope to turn to gold this year! I am now at university but still play whenever I am around and love having another team to come back to where I always feel welcome.

I have always loved the open and friendly atmosphere of the club and the way in which players of all ages and experience are encouraged to play and improve together. By encouraging up-and-coming players to train alongside members with years of international experience, we have created a club with amazing depth and this is something which I am sure will continue for many years to come.

-Sophie Tamblyn

Junior Players

As a 16 year old to be able to play matches with and against some of the UK’s leading international players is an unbelievable experience – my first game being against England U23’s before they went on tour to Japan!

You get a lot of game time, are included immediately as one of the team (irrespective of age and experience), and the learning curve is massive. A brilliant way to spend Wednesday evenings (training) and Sunday mornings (matches).

-Anna Saunter

I first started playing on the recommendation of my school coach (Vic Alexander) when I was 14 to fill in for a match, and then for the rest of that season I was eager to volunteer for any other games where the team was a goalie short. Playing at a new level with and against experienced and skilled players (some international), which I would not have otherwise done. I learnt so much every game from the advice of my teammates, helping me to become a better and stronger player each week.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to play with such a diverse group of players. I have gained so much experience and knowledge from the game, helping me to improve and allowing me to pass on to others.

It’s an amazing opportunity to play at another level which you may not have the exposure to in your school. You can play with incredibly skilled players, from who you can learn so much and improve your play.

I have played for Centaurs for the past three seasons, including the last National Club Championships, and will play in the upcoming Ghent tournament in September.

-Larissa Gaunt

I joined Centaurs aged 14 because my school coach recommended it, and it was an easy decision as the training is at my school, LEH. I soon found that the club was an excellent way to improve my stick skills, compete in match play at a higher level and most importantly, increase my confidence as a young player. With the support and competitiveness of the extremely talented and friendly Centaurs members, I have improved significantly since my first ‘super training’ session, whilst having a great deal of fun and laughs throughout. My most memorable experiences as a Centaur to date have been competing with the team at the European Club Championships in Belgium and winning the 2017 National Club Championships.

-Anna Saunter

Parents of Juniors

If your daughter is considering joining as a Junior Member, don’t expect her to be played as she is played at school. In Centaurs, she will be an apprentice. She will sub on and off, she will be played in many different positions and sometimes she may not even get on at all. She might not like this, and neither might you. So where’s the benefit?

It is simply this…. in Centaurs, young players do their ‘lacrosse trade apprenticeship’ in a team fielding some of best players in the UK in a club currently National Champions. To be part of Centaurs is to be inside a masterclass.


The experienced players at Centaurs are enormously kind, supportive and generous with their time to help raise the junior girls’ confidence and skills to a new level through training and match play.

-Mrs S.